The Suffering King – Mark chapters 9-16


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Introductory notes:

11. Jesus Demonstrates His Authority (9:1-29):

12. Jesus Teaches About Relationships (9:30-10:16):

13. Jesus Overturns Common Assumptions (10:17-52):

14. Jesus Enters Jerusalem (11:1-33):

15. Jesus Debates with Various Opponents (12:1-44):

16. Jesus Foretells Climactic Events (13:1-37):

17. Jesus Eats with His Disciples and Prays Alone (14:1-42):

18. Jesus Is Condemned by The Council and Disowned by Peter (14:43-72):

19. Jesus Is Tried by Pilate And Crucified (15:1-39):

20. Jesus Is Buried and His Tomb Is Found Empty (15:40-16):

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