“Making Jesus known – by loving God, becoming like Jesus, and being led by the Spirit”

We are a church which seeks to be:

Christ-centred and Bible-based

proclaiming in word and deed the good news of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, in the power of the Spirit

Informal and Contemporary

providing a variety of services, with an emphasis on relevance and creativity, whilst retaining reverence

Involving every member in ministry

having an accountable shared leadership and an appreciation of individual contributions and Spirit-given abilities

Welcoming and Caring

loving and valuing one another, caring for those in need, serving the community and accepting all comers without distinction

All-age and Family Friendly

offering practical Bible-based instruction for newer and older Christians, with the particular aim of making provision for children at every stage of growth


having a concern that all, young and old alike, in our community should come to faith in Christ, with a particular focus on the St Paul’s and Gryphon communities whilst also being committed to the work of the church worldwide