There are times when we face particular challenges in our lives and we need the support, fellowship and understanding of our church family. It is important that we look out for and care for one another.

At St Paul’s, whether you are a regular attender or not, we commit to relationships that demonstrate unconditional love, acceptance and encouragement; being present with, listening to and journeying alongside each other as we see the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in and through our lives. This is usually found within the context of everyday friendships or one of our Life Groups.
We also have a trained and commissioned Pastoral Care Team, led by Sue Hawkett as Pastoral Co-ordinator, which provides additional pastoral support when needed. The other members are Kim Dunning, Neil Fricker, Cathie Graham, Sandra Graves, Yvonne Libbey and Brian Walker. The team get involved in more time-demanding situations or those where different skills are needed.

Kim Dunning
Neil Fricker
Cathie Graham
Cathie Graham
Sandra Graves
Sue Hawkett
Pastoral Co-ordinator

Yvonne Libbey
Brian Walker

For more information and referrals contact our Pastoral Coordinator: